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Wedding Day Beauty: The Top 40 Tips and Tricks


HAIR: For longer, lusher locks, boost protein intake, pop some pills and massage your scalp

Why: To a major extent, strong, glossy hair is an inside job. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can lead to coarseness, and — once you add wedding stress into the mix — even temporary loss, in some cases. So be sure to load up on lean proteins (think eggs and grass-fed beef), and healthy fats like avocados and nuts, and take a multi-mineral supplement laced with sulfur, iodine and zinc. Celeb hairstylist George Kyriakos, founder of the Stylebookings in-home beauty service, recommends massaging your scalp to increase blood flow. One breezy scalp brew he swears by isORS Fertilizing Serum, $14, a topical vitamin. “You just need a few drops,” he says. “But it really works to stimulate growth. I use it on everyone.”

When: 1 year out

HAIR: To fight frizz, tread carefully with salon keratin treatments

Why: While it’s completely understandable that a frizz-prone bride would want to take out an extra hair-insurance policy for the big day, there’s just no getting around the fact that chemical straightening exacts a hefty health toll on your strands. Making matters worse? A dizzying array of options, from Brazilian Blowout Original Solution to “Japanese” straightening. “There are so many different keratin treatments and relaxers today,” says superstar colorist and salon owner Sharon Dorram. “I suggest trying out the process months in advance to be sure it works for you.” Kyriakos is even more wary. “Keratin works, but it can make your hair greasy,” he notes. “Basically a frizz-control product (he likes Bumble and Bumble Styling Créme) and a good blowout should do the trick.”

When: 9 months out for sampling a straightening treatment

HAIR: If you’re a color newbie, play it safe

Why: The general rule of thumb for big-day color shifts — whether you’re going lighter or darker — is to stay within two shades of your own natural hue. And trends be damned. Yes, platinum is having a moment. So is granny gray. This is not your problem. The goal for first-timers is to consult with a handful of prospective colorists, and when you find one you vibe with, test the waters with a semi-permanent dye that easily washes out. Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute to go for it. “The biggest mistake brides make for their wedding day is to try a new color, or colorist, they’ve never used,” says Dorram. Build that relationship — and settle on a flattering color — sooner rather than later.

When: 6 months out for test-driving initial color; 10 days out for your last pre-wedding touch-up

HAIR: For primo color-maintenance, make peace with shampooing less frequently

Why: As great as H20 is for your hair internally (it hydrates thirsty strands, so drink up), externally, water won’t do those pricey highlights or rich faux brunette any favors. “Over-shampooing lifts, dulls, and fades hair color,” says Dorram. “I always suggest shampooing no more than three to four times a week. The best is to rinse hair and use a mild detangler in between shampoos.” When you do opt to suds up, do it with a gentle, color-loving shampoo like Dorram faves Kérastase Crystalliste or Leonor Greyl Bain Vitalisant-B, $47.

When: 6 months out

HAIR: Condition, condition, condition

Why: Color or no color, this is the time to lavish extra TLC on your locks. You can head to the salon for a deep conditioning treatment, and park yourself under one of those cozy heat lamps. Or you can DIY it, by slathering wet hair with your mega-hydrator of choice, popping on a plastic shower cap, and then wrapping the whole thing with a towel that’s piping-hot from the dryer. For home use, Dorram suggests a few drops of vitamin E oil mixed-into your conditioner or masque. Just get it done. “We generally make a conditioning plan built around the wedding date,” Dorram says. “If the hair is in bad shape, we suggest weekly or bi-weekly treatments.”

When: 3 months out (earlier if hair is damaged)

HAIR: When finalizing your day of style, remember to be you

Why: There’s a big difference between looking amazing for your wedding day and morphing into some “ideal” creature that doesn’t even remotely resemble you. Trust us: You’ll feel so much more relaxed on your big day if you opt for Plan A, a.k.a. Your Best You. You’ll also be thrilled when you gaze lovingly at your wedding album 10 years from now. So no matter what mom has to say, resist the urge to go against your own personal grain and up the formality factor. “I’ve been saying this for 25 years,” says Kyriakos, who has styled hair for every major fashion magazine on the planet. “You want a timeless look. An elevated version of yourself. If you never wear your hair up because you hate your ears, don’t let anyone talk you into that. The Eighties provided us with a ton of ugly photos just for that reason.”

When: 2 months out

MAKEUP: Opt for a photo-friendly satin-finish foundation formula

Why: Once you’re engaged, the picture-taking never stops. And while you probably won’t be sporting full-on makeup for every photo-op, some occasions will definitely require a bit more polish. Give a big round of applause to satin-finish foundation, a universally flattering formula. “Satin has luminosity, and makes the skin look pretty,” says mega makeup mogul Sonia Kashuk. “You want that little bit of glow, and dewiness, that you don’t get with a matte formula. But at the same time, you don’t want too much shimmer. Satin gives the kind of balance that’s most reminiscent of natural skin.”

When: 1 year out

MAKEUP: In planning your wedding look, think next-level, not major overhaul

Why: Every bride should wear a face full of paint and powder on her big day, right? So she’ll look extra glam in that online album? Wrong, says Kashuk. “Those pictures need to transcend time,” she notes. “If you’re not a big makeup-wearer, don’t just do it for your wedding day. Wear what you normally wear, but refine it. You can even just add a lash to do something special. No one will ever realize you’re in false lashes. The point is to stay away from anything too extreme, or obvious.”

When: 3— 6 months out

MAKEUP: Be sure there’s no color-disconnect between your face and other body parts

Why: Now that you’ve been wearing the perfect foundation formula for the better part of the past year, it’s time to fine-tune the perfect shade for your big day. The goal is seamlessness between your face and your chest, neck, and even your hands. “It’s important to have all the tones meeting up,” says Kashuk. “If they don’t, it’s even more apparent in photos than it is in real life. All of a sudden the hands come up in a photo, and they’re a totally different color. You want uniformity.”

When: 1 week out

MAKEUP: Go easy on the contouring

Why: Fake-sculpted cheeks? So 2015. Although contouring emerged as the biggest beauty trend of last year, Kashuk recommends proceeding with caution for your big day. “What’s happening is that women are almost eliminating foundation and just playing with lights and darks. Underneath the eyes and in the center of the cheeks it gets very light, and then very dark underneath the cheek. That means very contrasting tonal values, and the face doesn’t match up to the rest of the body.” To optimize the technique, opt for a sheer, blendable creme formula, like Kashuk’s Chic Defining Contour Stick, $11. “There’s a way to contour in a more natural way, using see-through, transparent textures,” she explains. “Add just a hint of depth under the cheekbones. Very subtle, very sheer.”

When: Day-of



















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