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6 Unique Wedding Flower Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

Weddings and flowers are almost synonymous, but there’s so much more to floral design than bud vases, centerpieces, and bouquets. With the right vision and a little ingenuity, flowers can enhance your wedding celebration in a way you might never have expected. And who better to give us insight into some totally breathtaking new ideas for wedding flowers than the experts themselves? We got three top floral designers to spill on out-of-the-box ideas that will change the way you think about flowers at a wedding.

Color Blocking

Get your feet wet by keeping the style of your floral arrangements traditional, but playing with color instead. Molly Kobelt and Heidi Joynt, owners of Field & Florist in Chicago, updated this stunning table [above] by keeping the colors of each section consistent — from the flowers and glassware to the napkins. “Guests could really get the experience of a single color and enjoy all of the details,” says Kobelt. “Using a limited color palette allowed each arrangement to tell a story.” They kept the runners and dishes white to allow each hue to really pop.

Architectural Accents

Rhiannon Smith, production coordinator for Brown Paper Design in Los Angeles, departed from the lush, wild bouquets that are so popular for one inspired by a client, an interior designer with a keen eye. Lady slipper orchids and hellebores were paired with foliage and twisting vines for a totally unique look.

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