It’s wedding planning season! And along with wedding planning there is honeymoon planning.

No trip is as special and as romantic as the one as a couple. The honeymoon is a time to sit back, relax, and love. 

Searching for the top honeymoon destinations?

Here you go…


Sounds romantic and alluring but you have no idea where it is? You’re not the only one. Zanzibar is an island located just 22 miles off the coast of Tanzania, Africa. This group of islands is world-famous for picture perfect beach scenes, deep-sea fishing and spectacular coral reefs. It’s also called “spice island” because there are many amazing spice plantations to visit and check out cloves, cardamon, ginger and nutmeg being grown. Additionally, there are action filled markets and some great surfing too. It’s a destination high on beauty and relation with plenty of opportunity to mix it up with some other great activities.


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