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The 50 Mistakes Brides Always Make



You Forget the Power of Paper

We’ve conceded many great things to the digital realm, but physical invitations and thoughtful, hand-written thank you notes will never go out of style. Enjoy the process of designing them with a talented stationer, or editing them yourself with premade styles. But either way, make them special!


You Overdecorate

While you may be tempted to adorn your tables with odds and ends reminiscent of your backgrounds, travels and interests, remember that tasteful, well-placed arrangements impress without cluttering or overwhelming your guests’ view.

You Limit Yourself When It Comes to Wedding Dresses

When trying on gowns, remember that not every style dress flatters every figure. Piece-meal gowns, for example, or those in which “the bodice is one style and then the hip or skirt is a completely different fabric or texture… don’t transition smoothly and can visually cut the body in unflattering ways,” explains Kleinfeld Bridal’s fashion director Terry Hall. Likewise, thin fabrics such as silk charmeuse or chiffon skim the body and tend to magnify every little detail.

You Get Ring Envy

Every bride has a different idea as to what her dream engagement ring will look like. Once you have that shiny stone on your finger, don’t start comparing your ring with anyone else’s.

You Invite Non-Wedding Guests to Your Pre-Wedding Parties

The bridal shower is intended to be a celebration with the bride’s nearest and dearest, so every shower guest must already be on the wedding guest list. The only exception is a workplace bridal shower, in which a large number of coworkers pitch in and contribute to an office celebration. (If an office shower involves only a few coworkers, thoughtful couples may choose to include these colleagues in the wedding guest list.)

You Don’t Do Your Floral Research

Read up on flower cost, temperament and fragrance before you select your arrangements. The peonies you love may be cost-prohibitive if you are getting married when they are not in season, and lilacs, gardenias, lily of the valley and hydrangeas may wilt in the hot summer sun. Don’t put perfumey flowers like lilies on the table since they can overpower the food. If you must have them, carry them in your bouquet.

You Don’t Carve Out Enough Time for Hair and Makeup

“The time spent getting ready should be as relaxed and fun as possible, but once you find yourself behind schedule the pressure can build to catch up,” says Bruce Plotkin, a New York- and Connecticut-based wedding photographer. Work on a day-of plan with your hair and makeup pros then pad the time your wedding party has with each to ensure you’re properly photographed before you embark for the ceremony.

You Think You’re a Professional Cake Baker

While asking your mom to make your favorite dishes, or baking 50 pies yourself the week of the wedding might seem like a way to personalize the day and save money, the menu is really best left to a caterer. A professional will know how to properly estimate the amount of food to buy and how to prepare a meal on a large scale, when to serve different courses, and how to accommodate guests with dietary needs or restrictions. Plus, when things go wrong (like running out of ice), you won’t be left assigning your uncle to dash to the nearest store.

You Go Trendy With Your Lipstick

Skip the trendy, red carpet looks, says Jody Formica, resident makeup artist with Laura Mercier, and opt for you, but better. “Nude lip color is all the rage, especially when paired with a smoky eye, but nude can make your lips completely disappear, especially in the group photos,” she says. “Consider a neutralized color that has a fresh kiss of berry, peach or rose, enough to distinguish your lips from your the rest of your complexion.”

You Get DIY-Happy

Tempted to cut your budget by playing florist and photographer? Think again. Tackling your own flowers means you’ll be buying and arranging your stems the morning of your wedding, then delivering them to your venue when you should be relaxing with family. And while your cousin may have thousands of Instagram followers, she’s unlikely to capture the lighting, get an assortment of candids or anticipate the day’s flow the way a professional photographer would.

You Overschedule Your Photographer

While a detailed list of the day’s schedule and the who’s who for family portraits is essential, if you micro-manage your photographer, you miss out on unplanned shots that are essential to a great album, says Bruce Plotkin, a New York-and-Connecticut-based wedding photographer. Instead, once you’ve provided the photographer with these basics give him leeway to capture the best shots without having to check on a list throughout the day or night.



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