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49 Tips for a Bride Planning Her Own Wedding


  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Personal

With all of the wedding traditions that people tell you that you should have at your wedding, be sure to plan in some personal traditions too. If your family has any wedding traditions that they’ve done in the past, or if there is something you want to start for future generations, don’t be afraid to give your wedding a personal touch.

  1. our Seating Chart Last

It may be tempting to plan out who is going to sit where on your wedding day, but try to save this task for a few weeks before your wedding, once you’ve received all of the RSVPs. That way, you’ll have a more accurate head count of who will be attending your big day.

  1. Plan Out Vendor Tips Beforehand

The last thing you’ll want to do on your wedding day is count out cash and track down each vendor to give them a tip. Plan this out beforehand and put the cash in an envelope with each vendor’s name on it. Consider passing off this task to your maid of honor or best man so that you can take it off your to-do list.

  1. Put Someone You Trust in Charge

Choose one person you trust and ask them to be in charge of some important tasks, like holding onto your valuables, passing out vendor tips, and even making sure the gifts and the card box are put away somewhere safe during the reception.

  1. Get Hands on With the Ceremony

Feel free to work closely with your officiant so that together you can plan out a unique and personal ceremony. Meet with them beforehand to chat about the parts you want to add and change in the traditional ceremony script.


  1. Stay as Organized as Possible

When the planning starts to get chaotic and even a bit overwhelming, try to stay organized. Store all of your notes, plans, and to-do lists in one area so that you can reference them whenever necessary.

  1. Borrow a Pair of Eyes

Not only will you need a couple of extra pairs of hands throughout the planning process, but you may find that you need an extra pair of eyes to help look over vendor contracts and even your to-do list to see if there is anything you may have left off.

  1. Work as a Team With Your Fiancé

Don’t feel like you’re in this wedding planning process alone. Turn to your fiancé for help along the way and even make wedding planning something fun you do together.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Extras

When you’re chatting with your wedding vendors, always ask them if there’s anything extra you can add on to your planned package for a discount. You never know what added bonus they’ll be willing to toss in.

  1. Pack Up Your Car the Night Before

Starting the week of your wedding, gather all of the items that you’ll need for the rehearsal dinner and your wedding day and place them in one spot. The night before your wedding, pack up your car. That way, you’re not stressing out over whether or not you have everything you need in the morning.



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