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16 Unique and Beautiful Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be as magical as they always dreamed it could be. They want their guests to remember every moment of the beautiful vows, as well as the fun party afterward. They want everything, including the wedding backdrop, to reflect who they are and where they are going in their new life together. These wedding backdrop ideas are perfect for those who want to create a wedding day they will cherish forever.

16 Unique and Beautiful Wedding Backdrop Ideas

1. On the beach.

Nothing speaks to natural beauty and the constant, unending love you have for each other like a backdrop in front of the ocean. A wedding on the beach is rather common, but there is very good reason for this. Have you ever watched a beach sunset and felt your heart race? That’s the idea.


2. Make it rustic

Simply draping a few sheets of muslin over a sturdy clothesline can transform what would be a featureless backdrop into something simple, rustic and gorgeous. This is an especially good choice if you both prefer the frugal, simple life as opposed to anything elaborate.



3. Use feathers

A wall of enormous feathers, especially large feathers of one particular color, can create a bold statement. Try white feathers, or for a more dramatic effect, go with peacock feathers. These should mimic any feathers or feathering in your dress.



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